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No one on the planet should go hungry. The world’s farmers actually grow more calories than the World Food Programme recommendation for a healthy diet. In most places, the challenge is access. (National Geographic News)

Read a version of this article on our site, explore undernourishment data from around the world with MapMaker Interactive, and check out our Food Education collection, providing resources for teaching about food and food issues.

Undernourishment is largely concentrated in the developing world—mostly Africa and southern Asia. Map by Jerome N. Cookson, National Geographic Undernourishment is largely concentrated in the developing world—mostly Africa and southern Asia.
Map by Jerome N. Cookson, National Geographic

Discussion Ideas

  • Read through our article on undernourishment. What is the difference between hunger and undernourishment?
    • Hunger is a physical condition marked by stomach pangs and general fatigue. People all over the world go hungry, even for just a few hours, when they don’t have enough to eat.
    • Undernourishment, which is a chronic physical condition, can lead…

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Haiti earthquake & US Aid…Whose voice counts?

American aid

Following the devastating earthquake which hit Haiti in 2010, there has been a long debate as to how best to deliver international aid to the impoverished nation. Critics have argued for years that donors’ practice of spending aid money through organisations located in their own countries has hampered efforts to build self-sufficiency abroad, and works to the detriment of local businesses and industries. In particular, this article examines the distribution of American aid money in Haiti, noting that a large portion of the aid money continues to be channeled through American NGOs and aid charities. Many argue that by continuing to operate through foreign aid agencies, the agency of domestic agents (i.e. their ability to effect meaningful change/action) is reduced. It’s clear that money still does the talking in aid situations – concentrating aid money and wealth in the hands of foreign donors means that it is American ideas, thoughts and voices which are driving change and creating a new Haiti. But what of the local voices? What about what those who were affected by the earthquake want? It isn’t always clear that those from another context fully understand the difficulties and subtleties of particular geographical contexts. Can Americans really be sure about what is best for Haiti?

American aid money in Haiti

Welcome Year 12

Howdy Year 12s!

Welcome to your new current affairs blog!! This website has been created as a tool to develop our understanding about current affairs and geography in the news. It’s widely known that geography is an incredibly dynamic subject and a coherent definition is often difficult to pin down. This blog will examine the different ways in which geography crops up in the news and should be a useful tool for you when it comes to revising for the dreaded exams.

What am I looking for?
You are all authors of this blog and I expect you to update the blog regularly with weekly posts. You will need to find online articles and summarise its main points. You are looking for articles which complement your classwork and which give you additional content and knowledge.

How long should posts be?
The shorter the summary, the better! You don’t want to be copying out large chunks of the reading but instead extracting the main points from the online resource

Hope you had a great weekend and happy blogging!


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